Japanese localization service

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Localize your website and
content for the Japanese market

What works in other markets may not work in Japan.
Localize effectively with support from Citrus Japan in Tokyo.

Our work(Japanese language only)


  • Website and content localization

    Depend on our professionals in Tokyo to make your website and content attractive and engaging to your target in Japan. Our multicultural team of web, translation, copywriting, design and marketing professionals can help you achieve your goals.

  • Why Citrus Japan?

    We're based in Tokyo, know the Japanese market like the back of our hand and provide customer support in English. For 40 years in advertising and 20 years in web production, we've brought localized success to leading global brands.

  • Translation and copywriting

    Our professional in-house, Trados- capable translators and veteran copywriters have vast experience in localizing copy. Through the support of bilingual coordinators and Japanese marketers, we deliver Japanese copy with cultural relevance and impact.


Japanese market

The challenge of the Japanese market

Japanese consumers have strong cultural preferences in wording, design and functionality. To succeed in Japan, websites and content must be localized by experienced Japanese professionals who know the market and can give your message impact.


  • Consultation in English
  • Analysis and testing by native Japanese
  • UI, UX and design for multiple devices
  • Localized translation and copywriting
  • Localization of websites and content
  • Marketing and other services