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Localized website
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in Tokyo

We’re a multilingual, multicultural web and copy production company in Tokyo providing one-stop localized translation, copywriting, advertising and website solutions. For 40 years in advertising and 20 years in web production, we've helped over 350 clients in diverse industries localize and succeed.


  • Web planning
    and production

    Our professional in-house web, design and writing teams will employ the latest web technologies, SEO and communication design to plan and develop an optimized website that meets your objectives and engages your customers.

  • System development

    We realize your vision of what your website should be by developing an optimized system that lets you easily update your website content. If WordPress and Movable Type don't meet your needs, we can cost-effectively develop a proprietary CMS.

  • Website management

    We provide support that matches your budget and needs and can handle daily content updates as well as administrative tasks such as maintenance, server monitoring, customer response and autonomous problem solving.


  • Translation

    Our professional translators expertly convey the original meaning and emotion of your original text while adjusting for cultural differences and preferences. We translate English, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish in-house and depend on trusted partners for 25 other languages.

  • Copywriting

    Our veteran in-house English and Chinese copywriters and freelance Japanese copywriters work closely with bilingual coordinators, translators and sales people to produce compelling copy that effectively conveys your intended message while localizing to attract consumers in the intended market.


Whether designing for websites, online content or print, our richly experienced designers, art directors and DTP experts work closely with you from the planning stage, providing multiple proposals and revisions until the design satisfies your needs, matches the latest trends, and is appropriate for the target, market, product and media.


We have vast experience with diverse media including websites, catalogs,
ads, marketing collateral, narrations, slogans and SNS posts.

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Citrus Japan, Inc.
Tetsuya Kitsukawa
Planning and production of localized websites and other content in multiple languages,
translation and copywriting, mobile marketing, etc.
March 18, 1977
ELPULIMENTO shinjyuku, 613, 6-7-1, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022 Japan